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Ercon Energy is a distributor of NARADA Batteries in Pakistan. Narada is a global leader in stored energy solutions for industrial applications. We complement our extensive line of motive power, reserve power, and specialty batteries with a full range of integrated services and systems.

Narada has been expanding its sales and service locations rapidly throughout the world. We provide products and services based on advanced technology and our experience in the field of stored energy solutions.


The AcmeG range front access gel batteries is designed based on the Acme series, using the polymer gel electrolyte with real front access structure. The state-of the-art internal and external design ensures AcmeG the high reliability and makes the installation quite simple and safe.

 Technical features

  • Long life
    Using the polymer gel electrolyte
    4BS paste technology
    Special paste formula
    Special patented grid alloy
  • Wide operational temperature range
    Excellent charging and discharging ability at low temperature 
    Decline the water-loss at high temperature
  • special structure
    real front access structure makes the installation and maintenance squite simple and safe 
  • Compliant standards
    Designed to be compliant with:
  • IEC 60896-2
  • BS 6290 Part 4
  • Telcordia SR-4228
  • UL
  • Manufactured under system ISO9001 & ISO14001 by NARADA 

Products characteristics:

  • float voltage: 2.25Vpc at 77oF(25oC) , Equalization charge voltage: 2.40Vpc at 77oF(25oC)
  • Self discharge rate: < 2% pre month at 68oF(20oC)
  • Design life: more than 12 years at 68oF(20oC)
  • Shelf life: 6 months at 68oF(20oC)
  • Recombination efficiency: >99%
  • the Pressure at which the valve opens & reclose is Opened at 10 to 35kpa(1.45psi to 5.08psi) and
  • closed at 3 to 15 kpa (0.44psi to 2.18psi)
  • Temperature ranges: -40oC to 50oC
  • Terminal Hardware Torque:10±0.1N m
  • Container Material: ABS (V0 optional)




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